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Town Budget

Each fall during October and November, the Town Board establishes our annual budget. This process usually takes several meetings. The challenge is to meet our needs in the face of rising costs and the decrease in shared revenue from the State. It is anticipated that with the State’s budget problems we will continue to lose significant dollars of shared revenue. Our budget is also constrained by State mandated levy limits.

Most of the budget has little or no flexibility. Roads must be maintained, snow removed, and public safety provided. Contractual payments must be made. Some costs, like the costs of fire and EMS protection and local schools, are out of our control. Fuel costs continue to increase. The only real areas of control are capital outlays for our Town roads for the repair and maintenance program. We can only delay these projects. Unfortunately, this means increased costs in future years.

Residents, interested in the process of establishing our budget, are invited to attend our meetings. Plan to attend the annual budget workshop in October, the hearing in November and the Annual Town meeting in early April. Watch for the posting of dates and times.

This web page provides links to the budget process the Town Board uses as well as the Annual Budget for the current year.

Budget 2014

Final Budget 2015 

Final Budget 2016 

Final Budget-2017

Final Budget 2018

Final Budget 2019

Final Budget 2020