Assessments, Assessor & Taxes

Property assessment is regulated by State Statutes through the State Department of Revenue. The Town is required to assess all taxable real and personal property within the limits of the Town of Dekorra at it full and true value (the fair market value that would be obtained at private sale). Agricultural property is treated differently and is assessed based on the land’s use rather than fair market value.

Residents may compare their property value with other property at the Open Book informational meeting with the assessor and may appeal an assessment at the Board of Review hearings.

Tax bills are sent out as early as possible in December (often received in the last 2 weeks).

The preferred method of payment is to mail payment to: Town of Dekorra Treasurer, W8495 County Rd. JV, Poynette, WI  53955, payable to Town of Dekorra. Payment in full or at least the first payment is due January 31 and the second payment if there is one is due July 31 The second payment must be sent to and payable to the Columbia County Treasurer, PO Box 198, Portage, WI 53901.

If a Lottery Credit does not appear on your tax bill and you were a resident of the Town of Dekorra, please notify the Town of Dekorra Treasurer.  A Late claim form can be obtained and the Lottery Credit will then be applied to your tax bill upon receipt of the signed form.

Every taxable parcel that has real property qualifies for the credit. (Mobile Homes or improvements on leased land do not qualify). The Credit is calculated by multiplying the lower of the Calculated Equalized Value or the Maximum Credit Value (determined by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue) times the Equalized Value School Tax Rate.  The credit will be located above the Lottery Credit line of your tax bill if you are eligible for the credit. The County Treasurer will determine if you are eligible, so there is no need to apply for the credit.

The amount of property tax collected that goes to the Town is a relatively small percent of the total (about 10%). Much larger percentages go to the County and School District.