Listed below are maps containing useful information about the Town of Dekorra.

Municipal Boundaries, Roads and Town Facilities
The municipal boundaries and roads map includes special notation at the location of the Town Hall, Clerks Office and Recycling Center.

Public Town Lands
The map shows publicly owned lands and points of interest. All parks and boat launches are shown on this map.


Dekorra Voting Wards Map_2022
The county supervisory district map also shows the town voting wards correlation. The county is in the process of redistricting due to reducing the county board from 31 to 28 supervisors, so this map will change in several months when the county board adopts the new districts.

The school districts map shows that most of the Town is in  the Poynette School District. However, a small portion in the northeast corner of the Town is in  the Lodi School District. This  map also shows the Town voting wards.