Business Development Opportunities

Dekorra is very interested in promoting business development, not only at its primary development area located in the Town’s Utility District at the Interstate 39/90/94 and County Highway CS interchange but in other areas of the Town as well, including US Highway 51 which is near rail access and at other select locations on Lake Wisconsin. Business development is addressed in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Town has hired consultants through an Economic Development Administration grant to develop a web tool to assist those looking to develop businesses in the Town. The Town is a member of the Columbia County Economic Development Corporation, an entity that assists in the retention of existing businesses as well as the establishment of new businesses.

Business Development Sites and Amenities

Our Economic Opportunity Areas

Dekorra has planned for economic development in our interchange area and along the Highway 51 corridor and Lake Wisconsin. These areas are business-ready with appropriate zoning and public infrastructure.