Ordinances & Resolutions

The Town has a Code of Ordinances that cover a wide range of activities in the Town, including Town Officials, roads, driveways, construction, land division and zoning, use of Town lands and more. 

2020.04 An Ordinance to temporarily reduce certain fees due to financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


A Resolution is a written motion adopted by the Town Board.

2020 Resolutions:

TBR 2020 01 A Resolution in Support of Measures to make the CTH CS.V Intersection Safer
TBR 2020-02 A Resolution to Authorize the Submission of a DNR Lake Protection Grant Application
TBR 2020-04 Resolution By The Town Of Dekorra In Support Of The Village Of Poynette’s Acquisition And Development Of The Columbia County Sportsman League Properties For.docx

2019 Resolutions:
2019-01 Resolution Laying out Oshaukuta Road
2019-02 Resolution Discontinuing Valley Street and Riverview Street
UDR-2019-03 CMAR Resolution approved 06.11.19
TBR 2019-04 Resolution changing the number of election officials
TBR 2019-05 Moering Donation Resolutions.doc

2018 Resolutions:
TBR 01-2018 Town Of Dekorra Resolution To Change Polling Location
UDR-02-2018 2017 CMAR Resolution