Ordinances & Resolutions

The Town has a Code of Ordinances that cover a wide range of activities in the Town, including Town Officials, roads, driveways, construction, land division and zoning, use of Town lands and more. 


A Resolution is a written motion adopted by the Town Board.

2020 Resolutions:

TBR 2020 01 A Resolution in Support of Measures to make the CTH CS.V Intersection Safer
TBR 2020-02 A Resolution to Authorize the Submission of a DNR Lake Protection Grant Application
TBR 2020-04 Resolution By The Town Of Dekorra In Support Of The Village Of Poynette’s Acquisition And Development Of The Columbia County Sportsman League Properties For.docx

2019 Resolutions:
2019-01 Resolution Laying out Oshaukuta Road
2019-02 Resolution Discontinuing Valley Street and Riverview Street
UDR-2019-03 CMAR Resolution approved 06.11.19
TBR 2019-04 Resolution changing the number of election officials
TBR 2019-05 Moering Donation Resolutions.doc

2018 Resolutions:
TBR 01-2018 Town Of Dekorra Resolution To Change Polling Location
UDR-02-2018 2017 CMAR Resolution