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Process to Obtain a Building Permit

  1. An informal meeting is suggested with the Columbia County Planning and Zoning Department as soon as the property involved is known and general plans for building have been thought through.
  2. Obtain, complete and submit the County General Application form.
  3. Determine whether a variance, conditional use or rezoning may be needed.
  4. If a variance is needed due to non-conforming lot size, set backs, existing structure or other issues, a County Application for Variance form must be completed and submitted.
    1. Request to appear before Town Plan Commission (thru Town Clerk).
    2. Appear before Plan Commission and receive recommendation.
    3. Request to appear before Town Board (thru Town Clerk).
    4. Town Board will consider Plan Commission recommendation and vote on variance request. Town Board recommendation will be communicated to County.
    5. Request to appear before County Board of Adjustment (thru County.)
    6. County will conduct a public hearing on the variance (applicant or representative must be present at hearing) and render a decision.
    7. Note: allow at least 3 months for a variance process.
  5. If lots or parcel numbers are being combined, a CSM (certified survey map) must be provided before County will issue a Zoning Permit.
  6. Obtain and complete County Sanitary Permit application form and submit to County.
    • All sanitary layouts must be prepared by a State of WI licensed Master Plumber or Designer.
  7. Obtain Sanitary Permit (note: property must be recorded in Register of Deeds with applicant as owner before any County Permits can be issued.
  8. Obtain, complete and submit County Emergency Response Number form.
  9. Receive Emergency Response Number (ERN).
  10. Obtain Driveway Permit Application forms, complete and submit:
    1. If access is off Town Road, obtain Town forms and submit to Town.
    2. If access is off County Road, obtain County forms and submit to County.
    3. If access is off State Road, obtain state forms and submit to State.
  11. Obtain Drive/Access Permit from Town. (note: Town Inspector reviews applications and issues permits only on Tuesday mornings.)
    • An on-site meeting is required. Preferred driveway location must be staked in advance.
  12. Obtain, complete and submit application forms for Erosion Control plan to Town.
    • Include Stormwater Management Plan showing how runoff from finished yard, roof and driveway will be directed to existing waterways without causing erosion or other damage to surrounding properties.
  13. Obtain Erosion Control permit from Town Building Inspector. (Note: Inspector reviews applications and issues permits on Tuesday.)
  14. Receive County Zoning/Land Use Permit and Number.
  15. Obtain, complete and submit to Town application forms for Building Permit
    (Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application form)

    1. Include 2 sets of complete construction drawings to scale, including floor plans, foundation plans, building sections, door sizes, window sizes, beam sizes, floor joist and roof rafter/truss sizes and HVAC calculations.
    2. Include Erosion Control plan and permit and Stormwater Management plan.
    3. Include approved County Land Use/Zoning permit and number.
  16. Receive Building Permit from Town Building Inspector (General Engineering).
    • Note: Building Inspector picks up and reviews applications on Tuesday only.
  17. Pay Building Permit fee per Town Fee Schedule.
  18. Permit Holder must inform Town and County Building Inspectors 2 business days minimum prior to when required inspections are due. Work may proceed if Inspector has not inspected within 48 hours of notification (except for Final Inspection and not including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays). All inspections required to be performed by the Town of Dekorra Building Inspector must be done prior to covering up the work. Final Inspection is to be done prior to occupancy. Costs of re-inspections will be billed to the Permit Holder.
  19. This document is for reference only. Not all items that may be encountered are covered. Owners and Builders are advised to become familiar with Town of Dekorra and Columbia County Ordinances and with the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.


Town of Dekorra Clerk
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Poynette Municipal Building
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Town of Dekorra Building Inspector –┬áJames S. Trebian
Phone: 608-742-2169

General Engineering
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Columbia County Contact Information

Columbia County Planning and Zoning Department
Phone: 608-742-9660
Address: 400 DeWitt Street
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